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Business Mobile + my.plan manager.

Business mobile plans, bolstered by an inclusive managment portal, with you in the driver’s seat.

Our all-in-one platform gives you unrivalled levels of control across your account. All of your mobile and office-based connectivity, streamlined into one place and managed by you, without the need for a third party MDM. 

Live notifications and alerts on data, voice and text usage, paired with easy to use spend controls that keep you within budget and minimise the risk of overspend. 

Reliable and consistent nationwide coverage through the O2 Network.  

Join us for a 30 minute video call demonstration, where we will:

  • Identify your key pain points and how we will fix them
  • Give you a first hand look at the my.plan dashboard, with a brief tutorial
  • Answer any questions, queries or concerns that you might have
  • Share a laugh and brighten your day!


Unlimited data plans at sensible prices, with full control – e.g £28 per month, per device.



In network malware, botnet and ad-blocks, ensures that your workforce and company privacy are protected at all times, anywhere. With constant monitoring for consistent improvement.


Instant Sim Swap

Self managed and seamless. No more 24 hour wait period. Eradicate unnecessary hassle of moving to a newer, better plan.

Auto Attendants

Filtered and allocated to the appropriate person. Automatically transfer through cloud based hunt groups, ensuring that no calls are missed and at least one of your team can always pick up important communications.

Device Location

Triangulated location information to help track your assets. Worldwide coverage allows you to find your users in real time, keeping them safe and productive.

Productivity Tools

Bespoke barring of gambling, social media and adult content, keeping your team focused. Managed per device for customisable access.